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 Leila pharmacy is your assurance of friendly, high quality service supported by professionals that care. We offer a whole suite of services.

Counselling & Consultations
Medication Injections
Prescription Delivery
Meds Check
Compliance Packaging
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Counselling & Consultations

If you have any questions regarding your health, your pharmacist is often the first and most accessible health care professional you can visit in your community. Not only are pharmacists medication experts, but they are also knowledgeable in the areas of disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, and general health and wellness. Our pharmacists will work with you to make sure that you and your loved ones are at ease and have a complete understanding of their medications.


Medication Injections

In Manitoba, administration of drugs, including vaccines, can be done by injection certified pharmacists. All of our pharmacist team have been administering injections for years with experience in travel health vaccinations, public health immunizations, as well as medications administered by injection including but not limited to birth control and long-acting anti-psychotics. 


Leila Pharmacy offers the convenient and seamless process of filling and injecting your prescription at the pharmacy with minimal wait time. 


Prescription Delivery

We would love to see you in our store but we understand access to transportation or getting to the pharmacy can be difficult. We want to make sure that you have access to your medications at the times when making it to the pharmacy is not possible and that is why we will deliver your medications to your front door.

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Meds Check Program

Managing multiple medications is no easy task. With all the different instructions and potential side effects it’s hard to know if the medications you take on a daily basis are working as well as they should. There is a way to make sure you're getting the most from your medications.

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Pouch Strips

  • Flexibility to administer unit-doses or multi-doses for unlimited times per day.

  • Icons to denote hours of administration and international language characters.

  • Multiple pouch capability for high number of pills given at the same administration time.

  • Conveniently crush pills directly in the pouch.

  • Reminder pouches can be used to remind when to take non-oral solid medications or number of days left to renewal.

  • Individual pouches are discreet, convenient and easy to carry.

  • Bar coding allows for the verification from pharmacy production to patient delivery.

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VBM 200 
Blister Packs

The ONLY PHARMACY in Manitoba to be utilizing the automated VBM System. The VBM automatically checks the contents of every blister cavity and makes a comparison with the prescribed medicines and the model library.


With 28 dose perforated cards, each dose can be torn off, easy to carry and discreet.

Information of each dose is printed on the back. Indicating which medication and what time it is to be taken.

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It is never a first resort solution, but for certain conditions, swallowing pills is not a viable option. The decision to crush medications for administration comes with the understanding of what medications can or cannot be crushed, and running through all other possible alternatives first. 

Consult with our team to see what options are available for you, your family member or client. 

*Additional fees apply


Medication Lockbox Service

Supporting our clients sometimes means providing safety measures to ensure the security and proper usage/storage of their medications.


Contact our team to see if this is the route needed to support your client or loved one. 

*Additional fees apply

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